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Cambell Junior School

Welcome to our School

Welcome to the Cambell Junior School website.  We hope that you will find it informative about our school environment and the accomplishments of our pupils, whatever their particular talent may be.

Our school vision is:

   + high expectations;

   + high academic standards;

   + high standards of behaviour;

   + respect ourselves, others and our environment.

We currently have three classes in year groups 3 to 5, averaging 30 pupils per class.  Year six has four classes, averaging 24 pupils per class.

The building is structured around two quads which are utilised by the pupils and staff of the school in numerous ways including science and weather investigations.  The school also has a well resourced playground and large field, which are utilised for PE lessons, clubs and for the school's summer fete (weather permitting!).

We had our latest OFSTED visit in February 2007 and were found to be a satisfactory school.  Please click on the following link to be taken the Cambell Junior School Page on the OFSTED website where you can find the schools OFSTED report.

OFSTED - Cambell Junior School

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Front Quad   Back Quad - pond
The front quad is utilised for Science investigations and as a quiet area for the staff and pupils of the school   The back quad has been developed as a nature/wildlife area.  Each year we have ducks nesting on our pond and blackbirds in the trees.
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